Whether the facility handles water filtration or wastewater treatment, Showalter is ready to assist with new construction or remediation projects. 

For municipal water systems, our qualifications extend all along the miles of pipe needed to bring water from its source to the treatment/filtration facility—and reaches on through the water’s flow to reservoirs, pumping stations, and finally all throughout the neighborhoods served. (At the street level, we’re also proficient with hydrant and metering systems.)

In wastewater treatment plants, our expertise begins right at the headworks with the influent and equalization basin…and continues throughout pretreatment, primary and secondary clarifiers, on into tertiary treatment…all the way through the carefully controlled effluent discharge. Along the way, we support the installation of all process piping, and the construction of major systems and structures.

Locally, we’ve been involved for decades in one of the largest capital improvement projects in the region’s history: the complete remediation of a city’s century-old combined sewer system. 

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