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“I’ve seen a time when a man would fight you for your shovel, and now they’ll fight you if you try to give ‘em one…” ~ Roosevelt Jordan, Jr on “work ethic”  “When the first drop of water runs off your helmet and down the back of your pants, you know it’s raining…” ~ Roosevelt Jordan, Jr on “modern weather forecasting”  “Work is not always fun, therefore we have to pay you; if work were fun, we’d charge admission…” ~ Anonymous  “Everyone wants to be the boss, until there’s boss stuff to do…” ~ Dwayne Phillips  

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F.L. Showalter, Inc. is a proudly-owned third generation family business and is one of the oldest continuously operated construction companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We are a general contractor licensed for heavy construction presently specializing in urban civil services, stormwater control, and urban water treatment. Our proven reputation for providing the highest quality of service, unsurpassed field knowledge and experience, an exceptionally safe workplace, and a culture of environmental stewardship makes F.L. Showalter a leader in Virginia’s construction industry.

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“Human longevity came not as a result of modern medicine, but of modern sanitation.” ~ Dr. Steve  “It’s not a shovel full of dirt until you have a little bit on the handle” ~ Joe Jordan  “Yes sir, I do believe everything the man says; I believe it’s either the truth or the lie…” ~ Joe Jordan  

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