Project Description

Solids Handling Upgrade, RAS/Retain Pump and FM Replacement, and Aeration Header Replacement

Work Included
  • Replacement of the existing primary sludge pump
  • Replacement of the existing aeration header
  • Replacement of the existing RAS pumps
  • Replacement of the existing RAS force main
  • Replacement of the existing RAS flow splitting approach
  • Installation of VFDs for the existing non potable water pumps
  • Replacement of the existing solids thickening process (including ancillary systems)
  • replacement of the existing recycle pump station and installation of a pumped mixing system for the existing secondary digesters.

The project also includes construction of related electrical, HVAC, and control and information system components for the facility and various demolition, structural, architectural, site work, paving, erosion and sediment control and associated work necessary to render the facilities complete and operational.

OwnerContact Name: Mr. R. Clarke Wallcraft, Executive Director

Address: 7797 Mason St, Fairlawn, VA 24141

Design EngineerBarry Bickerstaff, Hazen & Sawyer
Contract Date10-17-2018
Type of WorkUrban Wastewater Treatment
Cost of Work$10,297,900